NBP1-27925 IL2 Receptor alpha (3C7) anticorps

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Rat anti Mouse IL2 Receptor alpha (3C7) 3C7


Description du Produit IL2 Receptor alpha (3C7)

Rat anti Mouse IL2 Receptor alpha (3C7) 3C7.
Presentation: PE
Product is tested for Immunoprecipitation, Flow Cytometry.

Caractéristiques du Produit IL2 Receptor alpha (3C7)

Type de Produit Anticorps Primaires
Quantité 0.1 mg
Synonymes anti-CD 25 antibody, anti-CD25 antibody, anti-CD25 antigen antibody, anti-IDDM10 antibody, anti-IL 2 RA antibody, anti-IL 2 receptor alpha subunit antibody, anti-IL 2R antibody, anti-IL2 RA antibody, anti-IL2 Receptor alpha antibody, anti-IL2R antibody, anti-IL2RAC antibody, anti-Il2ra antibody, anti-Interleukin 2 Receptor Alpha antibody, anti-Interleukin 2 receptor alpha chain antibody, anti-Ly43 antibody, anti-T Cell Growth Factor Receptor antibody, anti-TAC antigen antibody, anti-TCGFR antibody, anti-p55 antibody
Presentation PE
Reactivité d'Espèce Ms
Applications F, IP
Clonalité Monoclonal
Clone 3C7
Hôte Rat
Isotype IgG2b
Destination Not USA/Canada
Fiche Technique Télécharger la fiche technique
Fournisseur Novus Biologicals Inc.

Extrait de la Fiche Technique

Isotype Control SM19R
Add. information Protect conjugated forms from light.
Research Areas: Immunology
Applications flow cytometry / FACS analysis, immunoprecipitation, In vitro assay, Flow cytometry / FACS analysis, Immunoprecipitation and In vitro assay, flow cytometry / FACS analysis ≤ 0.3 ug/1^6 cells, immunoprecipitation , In vitro assay
Sujet The IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) exists in three alternative forms made up from the individual components of CD25, CD122, and CD132. CD25 represents the low affinity α chain of the IL-2R, a type I transmembrane glycoprotein containing two CCP domains. It is rich in O-linked carbohydrates and has a short cytoplasmic tail. (14) CD25 is expressed on activated T cells, B cells, NK cells and monocytes of all mouse strains tested. (2, 3, 15) Expression of CD25 on activated T lymphocytes is transitory and endogenously regulated. (4) CD25 is expressed on precursor B cells in bone marrow. Its expression is initiated by functional rearrangement and expression of IgM heavy chain genes and is down-regulated when immature B cells mature and express IgD. (5) It is expressed at a higher level on CD4+CD8+ thymocytes. (5, 6) It is also expressed on cultured epidermal Langerhans cells. (7) The biochemical features of murine CD25 have been characterized in detail. (8-10) The 3C7 monoclonal antibody reacts with an epitope of CD25 which is distinct from that recognized by clone 7D4. (2, 11, 12) 3C7, used in combination with 7D4 in culture, results in higher levels of inhibition of proliferation driven by IL-2 and generation of alloreactive CTL than either of these monoclonal antibodies alone . (2, 13)
Stockage Store at 4C. Do not freeze.
IgG purified
No Preservative
IgG purified
Low affinity alpha chain IL-2 receptor, Mr 55 kDa (IL-2Ralpha)

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