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Mouse anti Mouse I-Ab KH74

Description du Produit I-Ab

Mouse anti Mouse I-Ab KH74.
Presentation: FITC
Product is tested for Flow Cytometry.

Caractéristiques du Produit I-Ab

Type de Produit Anticorps Primaires
Quantité 0.05 mg
Presentation FITC
Reactivité d'Espèce Ms
Applications F
Clonalité Monoclonal
Clone KH74
Hôte Mouse
Isotype IgG2a
Destination Not USA/Canada
Fiche Technique Télécharger la fiche technique
Fournisseur Novus Biologicals Inc.

Extrait de la Fiche Technique

C57BL/10 mouse splenocytes
Applications flow cytometry / FACS analysis
Sujet The KH74 antibody reacts with the I-Ab MHC class II alloantigen. These class II molecules are expressed on antigen presenting cells (including B cells) and a subset of T cells from H-2b bearing mice and are involved in antigen presentation to T cells expressing CD3/TCR and CD4 proteins. The KH74 antibody cross-reacts with the I-Af, I-Ar, I-As, and I-Av haplotypes.
Références Générales
  1. Watts, C. 1997. Ann. Rev. Immunol. 15:821. 2. Pamer, E., et al., 1998. Ann. Rev. Immunol. 16:323.
Stockage Store at 4C. Do not freeze.
Immunogen affinity purified
Phosphate-buffered solution, pH 7.2, containing 0.09% sodium azide.
Immunogen affinity purified
Mouse b haplotype, Cross-reacts with the I-A f,r,s,v haplotypes. Does not react with other haplotypes (e.g., a, d, k, n, p, q, u).

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