DDX1302B-100 HIV-1 gp120/160 anticorps

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Mouse anti Human HIV-1 115F10.05


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  • DDX1302B-100

Description du Produit HIV-1

Mouse anti Human HIV-1 115F10.05.
Properties: gp120/160
Presentation: Biotin
Product is tested for Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence, Flow Cytometry, ELISA (detection).

Caractéristiques du Produit HIV-1

Type de Produit Anticorps Primaires
Quantité 0.1 mg
Synonymes HIV-I, HIV1, Human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Presentation Biotin
Reactivité d'Espèce Hu
Applications E(detection), F, ICC/IF
Clonalité Monoclonal
Clone 115F10.05
Hôte Mouse
Isotype IgG1
Destination Germany, USA/Canada
Fiche Technique Télécharger la fiche technique
Fournisseur Dendritics SAS

Extrait de la Fiche Technique

gp160 (HIVIIIB from Biomérieux), gp120 (BAL from NIH), and CHO-NL4.3 cells
Caractéristiques gp120/160
Isotype Control SM10B (for use in human samples)
Applications DDX1302P-50 / DDX1302P-100 Purified: ImmunoFluorescence, Flow cytometry, detection ELISA gp120.
DDX1302B-50 / DDX1302B-100 Biotin (on request): ImmunoFluorescence, Flow cytometry, detection ELISA gp120.

Usage recommendation:

*This monoclonal antibody may be used between 5-25 μg/ml.
*Optimal dilution should be determined by each laboratory for each application.
*Coupled antibody: to maintain RT before using.
Sujet HIV env gene encodes for a primary env product (gp160) which is cleaved into gp120 and gp41. gp120 is anchored to the viral membrane, via non-covalent bonds with the transmembrane glycoprotein, gp41. Mice were immunized with gp160 and gp120 recombinant proteins and the CHO-NL4.3 line expressing gp120 and the extracellular domain of gp41.
Concentration 0.5 mg/ml
Stockage -20°C. KEEP CONTENTS STERILE: no preservative.
Purified antibodies: avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Coupled antibodies: glycerol protects from freezing.
QMA Hyper D ion exchange chromatography
Purified: 100 μg in 200μl / 50 μg in 100 μl Tris-NaCl pH 8.
Coupled: 100 μg in 200μl / 50 μg in 100 μl Tris PBS 50% glycerol.
HIV gp120 and gp160.

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